Treasuring Loved Ones

Last weekend was a very difficult one as my family and some very close friends watched a very dear man pass away. After a second stroke Thursday, Leroy slipped into a coma. This was a shock to many as his diagnosis of cancer was less than two months ago. What struck me is how many people had regrets...wishing they had taken the time to visit even though seeing such a strong man ill was hard. I learned the lesson that if you love someone take the time everyday to show it somehow. It is the simple gestures of a meal, short visit, helping someone in need that speak so much more loudly than verbal words. Regret is a terrible thing as life rarely has do-overs. You can't take back neglect or harmful words especially if that loved one has died. Then we are left with the burden of wishes and 'if only'. So hug the people that matter and tell them you love them. It just might be the last thing you get to say to them.