It is so easy to get offended. As humans we have so many view points and opinions about absolutely everything. What does it mean to truly forgive? How can you let something go that hurt or offended you? Forgiving is an essential character trait, as the people that hold all the grudges and hurts of the past often become bitter unhappy people. It is easy to get confused between forgiving and reconciliation. They are completely different verbs! The action of forgiving only happens with one person.... YOU! To forgive you have to let it go (don't sing the song) and move on. To reconcile it takes both people to decided to forgive and then renew the relationship. The following quote says it all. "It takes one person to forgive but it takes two people to be reunited." Lewis Smede.

Sometimes, due to a toxic relationship being reunited is NOT your goal and that is definitely ok. We must always forgive the other person so we don't hold on to those burdens and hurts. Who in your life should you forgive today?