Our karate program for the Youth/Teen/Adult is varied in its material with fitness, personal protection, martial artistry, and sport karate all being taught during our hour long classes. No matter what fitness level you have, you can take karate here and get stronger, more confident, safer, and become a black belt. The Family Karate Center helps students build their skills and physical abilities and work on you character in ways you thought could never happen.

Tuition for one hour class up to three times a week is $99.00 per month.
We also have an unlimited training program for an additional $20.00 per month.

My family has trained here and we love it! The school integrates character building into the classes and includes people of all ages and abilities to participate. The instructors are very encouraging. You can expect to get a great workout as a whole family, and learn valuable skills in self-defense.
— Diana Williams



4:00 pm
Sparring Class
Sensei: Elida

5:00 pm
Brown Belt/Black Belt
Sensei: Elida



2:00 pm
White Youth And Kinder
Sensei: Johnathan